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LTWO Hardwood Focus Group Video

This video was made by the Hardwood Focus group, who are members of the Limerick Tipperary Woodland Owners. The group, facilitated by Teagasc and in collaboration with GMIT Letterfrack , aims to foster active management of broadleaf woodlands and to explore new hardwood markets for intermediate thinnings. Funding was provided by the Forestry Division of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine under the Forestry Promotion Fund.
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Make sure to check out our new twitter account @Irish_Forestry to keep up with the latest news and developments from the group.
Hardwood Focus Trip to Wales

The Hardwood Focus group visited Wales during October to explore potential products/markets for small diameter hardwoods. This was funded by DAFM as part of its promotional fund. The trip, according to all, was very successful and most informative/ inspirational.

A group of  LTWO forest owners joined by industry representatives travelled over. In particular the group visited:
  • “Wood Lab Pren ”  a workshop managed for research and development of small diameter hardwood products and funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.
  • Kenton Jones family factory producing hardwood flooring products  from small diameter hardwood and other Welsh timber value added products
  • Whitney Sawmill,  commercial hardwood specialist managed by Woodland Heritage for production of quality hardwood from local forests ( looked at options for narrow boards use / beam productions from small logs). Here the group was also met by a Welsh Government representative who took interest in the HF initiative.
  • Three well managed mixed broadleaves CCF forests for hardwood production.

There was certainly a lot to take in in the few days. All the organisations visited have expressed interest in collaborating further and it is likely Welsh reps will travel to Ireland next year to attend a hardwood  seminar planned in Limerick as part of the HF promotion programme.

As a next step the group will now co-author a number of articles for wide media circulation in the coming months which will conclude this year programme leading on to next year.
See a few pictures below:

Discussing harvesting and marketing  of intermediate thinning in Whitney Wood.

The group training in logs grading and the use of portable sawmill.


2019 AGM


The AGM of Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners Ltd. will be held on Saturday 23rd of March in the Ballykisteen hotel (E34 VK12), Tipperary at 10.30am to 1pm.


Changes to Woodland Improvement Scheme


Support for a second thinning intervention is now available under the Woodland Improvement Scheme (WIS) following the midterm review of the Forestry Programme 2014 – 2020. The WIS scheme has been updated to include the following;

a) The scheme will now provide two thinning interventions for all broadleaf and broadleaf mixed forests regardless of whether or not they are grant-aided. Both interventions are applied for separately using the Form 1 and Form 2 process.

b) Grant rates will be as follows;
i) First Intervention grant of €750/ha (no change);
ii) Second Intervention grant of €500/ha.

c) The first intervention must be carried out before the crop reaches a top height of 15m; the second intervention must take place after four years of completion of works for the first intervention and before the crop reaches 15m top height. Height rules do not apply to Ash.

d) Forests that have already received a thinning grant will only be eligible for a second intervention grant after a minimum of four years following completion of first thinning intervention works on the same area and once the top height has not exceeded 15m.

e) Applications for a second intervention grant can be made using Form 1SI for the second intervention.


Recent Events


(1)   Tree measuring events for Sitka Spruce was held during the year at locations in West & East limerick and also in Cahir, Co Tipperary.
DBH (diameter) tapes were distributed to all participants at these events.
(2)   The Hardwood Focus Group met 3 times during the year to discuss the marketing outlook and other issues for small/medium diameter hardwoods.
(3)   EIO ( expressions of interest)  are now being accepted for the 2019 KTG (knowledge transfer scheme)
(4)   New Grants announced by Minister for 2nd thinning of broadleaves.
(5)   Carbon Credits for forest owners update will be discussed at 2019 AGM, 23rd March.


Autumn Newsletter

[PDF - Please wait a few seconds for it to load.]

Government ups grant and premium rates for forestry as planting lags targets

Via the Independent.

  • 7% increase in all broadleaves and diverse conifer grant categories
  • 5% increase in all broadleaves and diverse conifer premium categories
  • New deer fencing provision of €16.25/m

Planting of broadleaf trees are falling below the 30% target.

The Government has approved new enhanced grant and premium for the forestry sector arising from the Mid-Term Review of the Government’s current Forestry Programme.

Andrew Doyle, T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine with responsibility for Forestry, has welcomed today’s decision.

He said it recognises clearly the contribution which forestry continues to make to the economy, environment and society in Ireland. The review is an extremely comprehensive exercise informed by detailed stakeholder consultations.

"The changes recommended by the conclusions of the Midterm Review are primarily aimed at enhancing the environmental benefits of forestry while at the same time addressing the shortfall in key target areas".

"These measures address some of the key issues arising from our review of the Programme to date and range from improved rates for planting to measures to assist with mobilisation of the significant timer resource from private forest which will become available in next few years”.

The Report notes that total afforestation figures for the first three years of the Programme show that overall planting is some 7pc less than the cumulative target for these years and also that planting of broadleaf trees are falling below the 30pc target for this category.

The most significant improvements in grant and premium rates are aimed at those planting categories that may prove most attractive to farmers – such as Agro-forestry and Forestry for Fibre.

Agro-forestry will allow farmers to plant trees while continuing to graze their animals on the same land with this land use system suitable for producing woodfuel or, where appropriate, high quality hardwood timber.  The aim of the Forestry for Fibre scheme is also to facilitate production of renewable energy for either domestic or local commercial use.  

While more traditional forestry has a rotation of approximately 35 to 40 years, the species planted under the Forestry for Fibre scheme have a rotation of up to 15 years, which equates to the number of annual premium payments for Forestry for Fibre – this means that a payment of €510 per hectare is payable each year up to the time the plantation is felled.

Summary of changes following adoption of midterm review proposals
Measure 1: Afforestation and creation of woodlands
Grant and premium increases
  • 7% increase in all broadleaves and diverse conifer grant categories  i.e. GPC4 to GPC 10
  • 5% increase in all broadleaves and diverse conifer premium categories i.e. GPC 4 to GPC 10
  • 2% increase in grant amount for GPC 1 to GPC 3
  • 2% in premium rate for all plantations greater than 10 hectares
The minimum mandatory requirement per site is increased to 15% broadleaves.
GPC = Grant and Premium Category

Forest Fencing and Tree Shelter Scheme
  • New deer fencing provision of €16.25/m, for IS436 @ 140 m/ha
  • Upgrade deer fencing rates €8/m, for IS436 @ 140 m/ha
  • A contribution of up to €300/ha for tree shelters aimed mainly, but not exclusively, at protecting broadleaves in the category “Additional Broadleaves, ADB”
  • A contribution of €2.5/m up to a maximum of 140m per ha for forests that have been subject to hare damage after Form 2 payment and up to approval for Form 3 payment

Forestry for fibre
  • Number of premiums increased from 10 to 15
  • Premium rate per hectare increased to equal GPC3 (from €180 to €510)
  • Grant per hectare increased to match that of GPC 3 (from €2,450 to €3,815)

  • Premium rate per hectare increased to equal GPC6 (from €260 to €645)
  • Grant per hectare increased to match that of GPC 3 (from €4,450 to €6,220)
  • Eligible for grants under Woodland Improvement Scheme (WIS) for thinning, tending and pruning

All relevant GPC categories
  • Additional Fencing: IS436 increased to maximum grant of €600 (140m/ha)

Measure 2: Neighbourwoods
  • The scheme now open to applications throughout the year
  • Increased coordination and promotion of this scheme
  • Increased allocation will be made available to reflect the scale of works being undertaken within individual projects under this scheme

Measure 3: Forest Roads
  • Road density increased from 20m/ha to 25m/ha

Measure 5: Woodland Improvement Scheme (WIS)
  • The WIS scheme will now be opened up to non grant aided broadleaf forests and all broadleaved mixtures that meet the required eligibility criteria.
  • Furthermore, all broadleaved forests, including mixtures will be eligible for 2 thinning grants of €500/ha.

Support for Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF)
This element of WIS is now open to conifer, mixed and broadleaf forests; successful applicants are eligible for three WIS payments (€750) for three separate interventions under the WIS scheme over a period of 12 years, once the work is in line with the approved transformation to CCF plan

Measure 6: Native Woodland Conservation
  • Increased grant available under the Public High Forest category to match that of the Private High Forest.
  • Access now allowed to forest fencing and tree shelter scheme.
  • Fencing allowances available under the Afforestation Grant & Premium Scheme now also apply to Native Woodland Scheme (Conservation)

Measure 7: Knowledge Transfer and Information Actions
Introduction of a national scheme for Forestry Knowledge Transfer Groups (KTG) focusing on the mobilisation of timber and biomass

Measure 10: Forest Genetic Reproductive Material
  • Seed Stand & Seed Orchard Scheme open for applications all year round.
  • Seed Stand Element
  • grant aid/ha increased to €750/ha (€600 first instalment and €150 for second instalment). Objectives changed to reflect lower expectations for Seed stands and 2-3 seed orchards each year for the remaining time of the programme.
  • Additional fencing grant allowance. For areas susceptible to deer damage and where deemed appropriate by the Forest Service, additional support for deer fencing will be provided to protect the stand. This will be paid in accordance with the rates and densities per hectare as described in the revised Afforestation Scheme document. However, if additional deer fencing is required, this will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Applications for Douglas fir, Scots pine, Western red cedar, and western hemlock will be considered

Measure 11: Forest Management Plans
A new Forest Management Plan and Certification Scheme is proposed which will support certification of privately owned forests.

Launch of Knowledge Transfer Scheme

Andrew Doyle TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine with responsibility for forestry, launched a pilot Knowledge Transfer Group scheme for forestry at the AGM of Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners Ltd., in Hollyford, Co. Tipperary.

Introducing the new pilot scheme, Minister of State Doyle commented "Management of your forest asset enhances your ability to derive a good return. While there are a number of support schemes available from my Department such as the Forest Roads Scheme, my Department is also seeking to assist forest owners in other ways. One way is the development of a Knowledge Transfer Group (or ‘KTG’ as they are known in other sectors) for forestry, the pilot scheme of which we are launching here today. By removing the knowledge gap that exists amongst some forest owners, the Department hopes to assist forest owners to become forest ‘managers’. Forests managed pro-actively by their owners will, I believe, result in more productive and more sustainable forests."

From left to right –  Michael Somers Teagasc, Karl Coggins Forest Service, Ger Long LTWO Ltd, Colum Walsh Chairman LTWO Ltd., Michael Ryan LTWO Ltd., Andrew Doyle TD, Junior Minister at Dept Agriculture, John Reardon LTWO Ltd., Marie Walsh Secretary LTWO Ltd., Tom Houlihan Teagasc.

The pilot project is to test the feasibility of a Knowledge Transfer Group (KTG) scheme for forestry, the focus of which will be on mobilisation of timber and biomass and will be modelled closely on the Department’s existing Knowledge Transfer Groups for beef, sheep and other sectors of agriculture. The aim of the KTG scheme is to increase the level of forest management activity amongst participating forest owners, and to increase awareness amongst participants of the value of their forest and, in particular, the potential value of biomass. Three existing forestry groups are taking part in the pilot and there will be multiple KTGs within each group; these forestry groups cover counties Limerick, Tipperary, Clare and Donegal. It is intended that the pilot will have up to 300 forest owners participating across 15 KTGs.  

The Minister of State acknowledged the input of the Group, noting "My Department had done extensive research on the feasibility of KTGs for forestry during 2015 but it was a result of a meeting between the Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners group and my Department back in June last year that the idea of a KTG for forestry started to take shape. I understand that this group along with the other forestry groups involved in the pilot, with the assistance of Teagasc, have been contributing to the development of the scheme."

He also commented on another initiative by his Department in the area of Forest Certification and the recent launch of the new "Felling Guidance Tool" which aims to help maximise returns from forestry. In concluding his address to the Group, he added, "We currently have forest cover of 10.5% of Ireland’s land area, compared to the EU average of 34%. We are working together to expand this forest area in a sustainable way so that the many benefits that it brings can be realised to the full extent possible.  You, as forest owners, and this Group make a huge contribution to achieving that objective and I am sure that our efforts, combined with those of others in the sector, will assist in the ongoing development of forestry in Ireland."

Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners is the first group in the country to have a knowledge transfer group. Set up in con-junction with Teagasc in 2010, the group have been extremely active. Tipperary Forest Development Officer said "this is one of the proudest days in my career. The group have delivered a major initiative for its members.  LTWO is currently looking for forest owners to apply for this Knowledge Transfer scheme

What is involved?

Based on the same idea as Dairy and Beef discussion groups, you will attend 7 meetings generally held in the evening, approx 2 hours long over a 6-12 month period you will be paid €70 per meeting to cover your cost's which is a total of €490.   (If you are already in a beef or other discussion group there is no issue over dual funding as the Forestry Discussion group is exchequer funded and not EU funded)
If you can't attend a meeting you can send your nominee (this can be your spouse, son or daughter)
Topics covered at the meetings by the Professional Forester will be topical and relevant: Biomass, Thinning operations, etc. This is a perfect opportunity to gain knowledge about your Forestry plantation and its future

If there’s any farm forest owner that wishes to apply, contact group chairman Colum Walsh on 087 - 7908460 or email:
office@limerickandtipperarywoodlandowners.ie. Please note that closing date for expressions of interest is March 16 2017.


Announcement: Knowledge Transfer Scheme

We are proud to announce that we have been chosen to operate the knowledge transfer scheme, which is open to all private forest owners. Participant’s expenses will of course be covered. The aim of the KTG scheme is to increase the level of forest management activity amongst participating forest owners.

Minister of State, Andrew Doyle T.D.
Will launch the Scheme at the
A.G.M. Of
Limerick & Tipperary Woodland Owners Ltd.
On Wednesday 1st March,  12.00am

At Hollyford Community Centre, Co Tipperary

  • Applications to join the Scheme will be taken from 10.30 am

  • The Scheme is designed to help Forest owners in the management of their plantations

  • Participants expenses will be covered.

  • Training will take place in suitable locations over the 2 Counties.

  • Limited Availability—early booking advised.

  • Contact 087-1477124 or office@limerickandtipperarywoodlandowners.ie

  • Open to all forest owners.


Firewood Production & Timber Measurement Event

This final event of 2016 was held at Ned Liston’s Fuel Depot in Newcastle West Co Limerick.

On Thursday 15 December, the process of stack measurement and its importance to the private grower was given to the 30 attendees by Michael Somers and Tom Houlihan.

Luckily the event moved indoors out of the elements with discussion on the various aspects of Wood Fuel production, its costs and process’s, and challenges.

Ned Liston has a very modern processing facility and has machinery to cover all processes of wood fuel production, from collecting timber right through from handling to splitting and drying.


Thinning & Road Construction Open Day

Another very informative and enjoyable day was had at Liam Bresnan’s forest near Caherconlish, Co Limerick.

Liam is preparing for his 1st thinning of Spruce and Oak and the first part of the event centred around the road construction, ground clearance, materials + costings.  The contractor involved, was also on hand to answer questions about the ground excavation and layout.  Our Forester, Liam Cleary, who designed the roadway, also gave details of the specifications required by the Dept.  Teagasc Foresters, Michael Somers and Tom Houlihan were also on hand to talk about the technical areas of crop measurement and timber security.

We then had a break for refreshments where we enjoyed a talk from James Bennett, a farmer who related his experiences of thinning his spruce plantation, clearfelling and then re-planting.  He was very open in giving the financial details of costs and income over the entire rotation of 28 years and as far as his plantation was concerned, the only other farm enterprise to give a better return over the same time period, was dairying.

The final part of the day was on the nearby plantation of Mr Kevin Ryan, Ash tending and pure oak thinning, also a new road recently constructed.  It was a joy to see how tidy his Ash plantation looked, during the 1st thinning.

The results of these 2 forest owners are the embodiment of how a plantation can look, when actively managed.

Producer Groups Workshop
For the last few years, the Forest Groups have met up in a formal workshop setting. This year, the  Forest Owner Group Workshop was held on Thursday December 1st 2016 in Tullamore.

Of particular interest was a presentation by Frank Barrett, on a new G.I.S. Portal, dealing with Timber Forecasting.

See here for more info and to get access to the portal.

Click here for a Frank's presentation on how to use the tool.


Small Scale Harvesting Event

Up to 100 farmer foresters attended a demonstration of Small Scale Harvesting machinery which was organized by LTWO Ltd. with the help of Teagasc.

If the document is not displaying then please click here.


2016 Annual General Meeting - Agenda (AGM)

Click here for the Agenda of the 2016 AGM.


2016 Annual General Meeting - Grand Prize Draw (AGM)

Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners will be holding their annual AGM on Saturday, 2nd April 2016.

The AGM will be opened by Nuala ni Flatharta of Teagasc.  A site visit to a local Sitka Spruce plantation will take place in the morning, led by Forest Manager, Paddy Purser.

Venue: Newport Community Centre, Co Tipperary
Date:  Saturday 2nd April  2016
10.30AM - Registration
11.00AM - Morning Event: Tour of  Conifer Site covering first & second thinning, clear fell.       
1.00PM - Lunch (cost 5.00 euros) Community Centre
2.00PM - AGM
4.00PM - Draw & close of AGM

Park & Car share from Community Centre to morning event site and return.

Free draw for a Oregon Yukon Protective Trousers worth €100(RRP)!
Other items/draws to be added at a later date.

Draw open to all 2016 paid-up members.
Post in your completed membership form or you can join on the day.

Annual membership €35


Spring Newsletter

If the newsletter is not displaying the please click here.


2015 Annual General Meeting - Grand Prize Draw (AGM)

On the 6th of February 2015, we are holding our annual AGM which will be opened by Tom Hayes Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine With Special Responsibility for Food, Forestry Horticulture and Food Safety.

It will be held at the Hollyford Community Centre, co. Tipperary.

10.30-1PM: Site Visits
1PM-2PM: Lunch (Soup and sandwiches)

Free draw for a top of the range Husqvarna 560XP Chainsaw worth €920(RRP)!

Draw open to all 2015 paid-up members.
Post in your completed membership form or you can join on the day.

Annual membership €35


Forestry Programme Submission


Together with 7 other producer groups and with the assistance of ICOS, a submission to the Department of Agriculture was made on the proposed new Forestry Programme 2014-2020.


Legal Status

The legal state of the group was confirmed in September as Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners Ltd.
This is a "company, limited by guarentee", where maximum exposure to each member, in the event of failure of the company, is one euro.


2014 Harvesting

Two machines are currently (November 2014) operating for members in the 2 counties, doing 1st and 2nd thinning. Due to extra demand from last spring’s storm, there is a waiting list for harvesting, so any member who wants their plantation thinned should contact the secretary on 087-7908460 as soon as possible.


September Newsletter


2014 Annual General Meeting


On 26th March Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners held their Third AGM in Kilshane House Co Tipperary.

The morning session begun with a forest walk in the commercial forestry plantations of Kilshane House, Topics covering all aspects of forestry plantations and topical windblow situations were discussed at length by Teagasc Forestry Advisors Michael Somers (Advisor for Tipperary), Tom Houlihan (Advisor for Limerick) and Forest Service Inspector John Madden (Limerick and Tipperary NW area).

The afternoon session had some interesting topics covered by Guest speaker Henry Philips on the valuation of forestry land, a Teagasc update was given by Forestry Advisor Michael Somers of Teagasc Tipperary, Independent Forestry Consultant Con Little also spoke about the exciting future and potential of timber production in Limerick and Tipperary and a financial account was given by Jim Dudley Facilitator for the Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners. Overall the meeting was well attended with approx 60 members attending along with trade stands belonging to Glennon Brothers, Laois Sawmills and Muarry Timber group also in attendance.

The outgoing committee were re-elected to their positions as follows, Michael Ryan - Chairman, John Reardon - Vice Chairman, Michael Carew - Treasurer and Colum Walsh - Secretary, A number of new and existing members were also elected onto the steering committee. If you are interested in becoming a member of Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners please log onto our website and join online at www.limerickandtipperarywoodlandowners.ie


Forest Owner Groups Conference 2013
‘Strength in Numbers’

We will be attending the Teagasc/LTWO forestry group conference in the Ballykisteen Hotel, Limerick Junction, Co. Tipperary, on Tuesday October 8th 2013.

View the programme of events here.


General Updates


Some updates have been applied to the LTWO site.

  • An informational video had been embedded which shows how to spot the tell-tale signs of ash dieback. It can be found on the Ash Dieback page here.

  • The guideline Forestry Timber prices have been updated. This is using the IFA’s March 2013 Farm Forestry Timber Market Report. The updated prices can be found here.
  • Updated contacts, advertising.
  • Photos of the 2013 AGM have been uploaded to the homepage.
  • Numerous minor update and site fixes.

If you experience any issues with the website, or have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us at: admin@artemisdesign.ie


2013 Annual General Meeting


The 2013 AGM was held on 4th March at Ballykisteen Hotel, the most central location to serve the 2 counties.

  • There was a very good attendance on the night with over 70 members turning up.

  • Following the reading of the minutes and reports from the secretary, Treasurer and Chairman, the meeting was addressed by the guest speaker, Ms Geraldine o Sullivan, Executive Sec of IFA Forest Section. Geraldine is a mine of information and brought everyone up to date on issues of National and International importance.

  • Tom Houlihan and Michael Somers of Teagasc gave a very informative overview of the domestic situation including markets and pricing.

  • The Ash dieback disease was also covered and a video has been posted on our website informing owners how to recognize the disease.

  • A lively Q & A session followed a discussion on the future direction and aims of the group. These included a possible change in the Legal status of the Group, the current status of the proposed inventory of member’s plantations and the opening up of new markets for pulpwood. Certification possibilities and requirements in the future were also discussed.

  • Another meeting will be scheduled in the near future to make decisions on these matters.

  • Finally, elections were held at which outgoing officers were re-elected.

  • Tea & coffee were served afterwards at which many informal discussions took place.


Update on Ash Dieback Disease

More info here.


Ash Dieback Disease


As an island nation we have a distinct advantage over other European countries. As a direct result of being cut off from our nearest neighbour by sea, coupled with prevailing southwesterly winds, we enjoy the highest plant health status in Europe.

But these advantages were of little use this week when Ash Dieback was confirmed in plantations in Co Leitrim.The arrival of the disease in Ireland is bad news for Irish forestry growers and could be potentially disastrous for the sector if the fungus takes hold in plantations.

The following is an information document on the Disease by the British Forestry Commission.
Ash dieback disease - FC Pest Alert

UPDATE: More info here.


September 2012 Newsletter (Online Edition)

Hello all current and potential members of the Limerick and Tipperary Wood Land Owners Group.
After a successful AGM in Ballykisteen Tipperary in February it has been a very busy couple of months during which a number of steering group meetings have been held with a lot of progress achieved. The development of a website along with the development of a group texting service was completed. Initiating further cluster group meetings in several new areas was completed. Currently ours is one of the largest forestry producer groups in Ireland with a total membership area of approx 3900 acres belonging to some 150 members with a lot of interest from new members wishing to join and gain in the benefits of being a member.
New members are always welcome, please call us on our mobile or email us and we will send on the necessary membership form.

Cluster Group Meetings 2012: So far cluster group meetings were held in seven of the eleven cluster area’s for 2012. These meetings were generally well attended and a lot of enthusiasm was evident at most meetings. General questions revolved around the steps needed to be taken to start the thinning process. Naturally, some people were nervous about starting the process of thinning and felt that through the cluster group system more supports was available to them and that knowledge transfer at the demonstration sites was very helpful on how to begin thinning. It is very encouraging to hear that some cluster groups have members already talking of coming together and organising their own thinning operations in clusters as intended, and some other cluster groups are planning to possibly thin in 3 – 4 years time and intend pooling the harvesting operations to keep costs low.

Website Launch: A website has been developed for the group. It contains up to date information on all aspects of forestry and is very user friendly. It can be viewed at www.limerickandtipperarywoodlandowners.ie

Forestry Events 2012:
A number of training field days and evening talks are planned for the year a head 2012. Sites from the 2011 site visits are being revisited post thinning, providing some very useful practical information on how to manage good thinning operations. Members will be informed of dates.

Getting Started??
A lot of feed back from cluster group meetings has revolved around “What do I need to do to get started???” If your plantation is between 12-17 years old it probably needs some form of management.

CLUSTER GROUP: To begin with you should find out through your nearest cluster is anyone else in the area ready or approaching the same stage as yourself?
BRASH PATH: You will need brash paths cut into the forest. Become familiar with the safety requirements if doing the job yourself and attend cluster meetings on brash path planning.
FORESTER INSPECTION: You should than have your forest inspected by our forester and make sure to make use of reduced costs by again clustering together with a few members to avail of the forester on the same day at a reduced cost.
FOREST ROADING: The forester will advise you on if your forest needs a forest road and if it is ready to thin.
TENDER HARVESTING CONTRACT: Then if your forest is ready to thin and a cluster of members are ready to thin the possibility of tendering the work out to the best priced contractor (references should be looked for of previous work done and a contract drawn up on the operations and payment)


New Website

The Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners have a new website. This new site will provide members of the organisation with helpful advice, information, price guidelines and contacts for useful plantation forestry work.

With this information, woodland owners will be better equipped to get the best possible price for their timber, through finding a contractor that will harvest for the most efficient price, finding a sawmill with the best prices, and receiving all the grants possibly available for such work.

We would like to thank Artemis Design for their expert work, and fantastic value.

So please take time to look through all the extensive information on the this website.



2010 was the worst year on record for forest fires when almost 5,000 acres were destroyed. Many farmers did not have insurance and they not only lost the value of the timber but also incurred the cost of clearing and replanting.
Farmers should adhere to the restrictions on the cutting  , burning or destruction of vegetation growing on uncultivated land or in hedges during the nesting and breeding season from  March 1st to August 31st.

IFA have joined forces with FBD to develop the Timber Growing Insurance policy that covers the fire brigade call out charges, loss of timber and replanting cost. It has also been extended to cover fire brigade call out charges for a fire in the vicinity of a forest that may threaten neighbouring plantations.
Walkers and other recreational users of the countryside need to be particularly careful. Cigarette butts should be properly disposed of and campfires fully extinguished to avoid any further fires.

Learn More



Farmers should be aware that the price of wood may or may not include vat in the quoted price by a sawmill.
There has been much confusion expressed among  Forestry members with regard to VAT in forestry related operations and
sales. Outlined below are the facts which relate to the major questions which are arising.

Forestry Services:
(Regarded as Agricultural Goods and Services)
• The VAT rate for forestry services* is the Reduced rate of 13.5%
• This is covered by: Value-Added Tax Consolidation Act 2010 (VATCA 2010), Section: 46(1)(c), Schedule: 3,
  Paragraph: 10(1)(e)
  *Forestry Services include; lopping, tree felling, pruning, hedge trimming & similar forestry services, combined sowing and

Timber Sales:
• The VAT rate on sales of timber is the Standard Rate of 23%
• This is covered by: Value-Added Tax Consolidation Act 2010 (VATCA 2010) Ref: Section: 46(1)(a)
Unregistered Farmers:
• A flat-rate farmer is a farmer who is not registered for VAT in respect of his/her farming activities. In order to
 compensate for VAT paid on supplies, a farmer is entitled to a flat-rate addition (currently 5.2%) to the price at which
 their agricultural produce or agricultural services are supplied to VAT-registered persons**
 **VAT-registered persons also include: marts, agricultural co-operatives and meat factories.


Forest Roads

A revised forest roads scheme has replaced the old scheme which was closed on December 2011
The details of the new Roads Scheme and the main changes from the old scheme are outlined below:

1. Maximum Payment per linear metre: €35 (reduction of €10).
2. Road density allowed per hectare: 20 linear metres (reduction of 5 metres).
3. Payments will be made net of VAT, regardless of applicant’s VAT status.
4. The construction of certain ‘Loading bays’ maybe grant aided where the area allows.
5. Pull in lay-bys (longitudinal loading bays) may be considered on a case by case basis and where the area
6. Farmers, private forest owners and private forest companies will be eligible for the grant aid under the
   Forest Road Scheme.

Limerick and Tipperary Woodland Owners
087 656 1864


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