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Guideline Prices

Prices last Updated: 2019
 All prices (ex VAT) quoted roadside for conifers.

Product Type



Price € /tonne


3 m

< 7cm

25 -34


1.6 m

> 8cm  < 15 cm

40 - 46


2.5 m
3.1 m
3.4 m
3.7 m

> 14 cm

40 - 52
48 - 60
56 - 60
56 - 64


5.5 m

> 20cm  

72 - 86
80 - 90

All prices (ex VAT) quoted roadside for conifers.

Standing Prices

Price €/tonne

1st Thinning

8 - 20

2nd Thinning

15 - 36

3rd Thinning

25 - 46


40 - 88

All prices quotes relate to conifers. The prices offered vary depending on access to the forest, distance to timber markets and the age of forest.

The decision to harvest a forest is a critical decision for a forest owner and has long-term implications for productivity. Farmers should take their time to find the right forester when selling timber and get updated information on local timber prices.

Top 5 Harvesting Tips

1. Harvesting Plan – It should provide a clear understanding of what will be harvested, the estimated volumes and thus the value of the harvest.
2. Knowledge of Timber Markets – Getting professional advice can increase sale income by marking and marketing your trees, as well as improve the overall productivity of the forest.
3. Competitive Pricing - It very important when selling timber that you talk to a number of buyers to get a true representation of the value of your timber.
4. Harvesting Contract – This is one of the most important elements leading to a successful and profitable timber sale.
5. Reimbursement for Excessive Timber Damage - Your contract with the buyer should clearly state penalties for excessive damage to standing residual trees and other property.

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